Istria became the new truffle capital of the world. According to experts, Istrian truffles are of superior quality to any other truffles in the world. Lush forest covered hills and hidden valleys in the river areas of central Istria are most fertile truffle grounds. Ideal conditions and gentle climate are the reason for the rich habitat of these underground treasures with a specific and intense taste and scent.

There are many species of truffles, of which only nine are edible. In Istria you can try Tuber Magnatum Pico (the precious white truffle), Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini (the precious black truffle) as well as Tuber Aestivum and Tuber Brumale, also known as summer and winter truffle.

Istrian truffles are a food that every experienced gourmet will describe as a supreme gastronomic delight and truffle dishes are a highly esteemed speciality in many top restaurants. This delicious food with its unusual form and strong aroma has been regarded as an aphrodisiac since ancient times and the fact that it grows underground and can be found only with the help of well-trained dogs makes it truly special.

Istria is also the region where the largest white truffle in the world was found, which, at 1.3 kilograms, made it into the Guinness Book of World Records!

We provide the following types of truffels:

  • Magnatum pico
  • Uncinatum
  • Melanosporum
  • Aestiuvum
  • Brumale


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The contents of each package are uniform and contain only truffles of the same origin, quality, maturity, developement, coloration, species and commercial types